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Welcome to Semper Fi Home Management

It all started as a young boy holding the end of a many boards for my father as he cut them for projects and repairs around our family’s home. Then in high school I had the opportunity to take a mechanical drawing (drafting) class. This is where I learned the techniques of drawing items to scale and laying out various views. I drew, by hand and to scale, my first project in 1974. It was a 6ft tall cabinet with glass doors which I built under the supervision of my father and still have today.

Many projects have been built and modified over the past 44 years. Some very expensive and others not so expensive or high quality. However one project, of precise construction but very low cost was built entirely with a hand saw, hammer, swiss army knife, string, tape and reclaimed materials except for the nails. This project changed the comfort of many Marines. See *********.

Today my tools are much more sophisticated and my passion for creating high quality work is stronger than ever. I have never forgotten the joy of opening a well built door or drawer and looking at the beauty of fine craftmanship. Especially when you are able to discuss your personal desires with the craftsman who will make exactly what you want instead of having to settle for what is available for purchase.

After retiring from the U. S. Marine Corps Reserve and Ryder Integrated Logistics I turned my life’s passion into my profession and have enjoyed going to work every day since.  My first project was helping a longtime acquaintance and real estate agent prepare a house for sale. During that project I was at the loading dock of a building supply company when another truck pulled up and noticed my Marine Corps license plate. He approached me and greeted me with the usual greeting two Marines use, “Semper Fi Marine”.

During our conversation he asked what I did. After my explanation he said we need people with your skills. This began my relationship with Drees Custom Homes as a subcontractor and the go to person for their homeowners who want additional cabinets, custom woodwork and additional upgrades to their new homes.

Word of mouth and referrals have been the main source of growth until this web site 10 years into Semper Fi Home Management. With a custom closet request that included 24 adjustable shelves for shoe, cubbies for art, soft undermount lighting, floor to ceiling hanging rods, cabinets and a chest of drawers all in stain grade wood lead to new requests and creativity.

Additional shop tooling has expanded into cabinetry and storage products for office buildings and garages. Most recently, a commitment to researching and discovering specialized materials that withstand Texas’ outdoor weather conditions added custom outdoor cabinetry.

My passion for creating combined with organizational expertise have led to the creation of Semper Fi Home Management’s custom closets, garages, woodworks and outdoor cabinetry.

Jim Augustine

Owner & Founder

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