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Project 1

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Doggie Ramp.
The client asked if I could build a doggie ramp for their two small dogs. One of the dogs was in perfect health and the other, having just had back surgery, was a little bit slower on his feet. The client was concerned because the dogs were having diffculty negotiating the large step at the bottom of there deck to the back yard. They wanted the ramp to hug one side of the stairs and wrap around at the bottom so it would not impede people walking into the back yard. They also wanted to be able to be tool free removable.
The design was 5 sections. 3 in the upper ramp, the deck and one lower ramp. Each section locked into the stair case and the doggie deck without any fasteners which allowed the client to remove the steps at any time. The client applied the stain and protective coating to reduce costs.
Update: The last time I talked to the client the dogs used the ramp all the time. However, they did not always use the lower ramp. It seems one of them liked to jump off the deck