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Project 14

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After a water damage repair it was pointed out the space under the water heater closet is empty and can be converted to usable storage. The two center dividers between the drawers retain the structural requirements to hold a 75 gallon water heater and provide the attachment points for the drawer slides. This arragement provided new storage space without losing any floor space

Project 10

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Project 9

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Project 6

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Owner and founder, Jim Augustine, is a twice retired professional (USMC and Ryder Logistics). Jim’s passion for creating custom cabinetry, combined with organizational expertise have led to the creation of Semper Fi Home Management specializing in custom closets, garages and outdoor cabinetry.

It all started with a custom closet request that included 18 feet of shoe cubbies, soft undermount lighting and floor to ceiling storage with dozens of glass panel doors and adjustable shelving.

An admiration of exotic cars led to custom garages that resemble living rooms. Most recently, a commitment to researching and discovering specialized materials that withstand Texas’ outdoor weather conditions added custom outdoor cabinetry line to Semper Fi Home Management’s line of custom constructed cabinetry, closets & garages.