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Project 15

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This project is a built in desk with a bank of cabinet drawers on each end. It was designed to have no obstacles for free chair movement. The client’s children are going to be using this for homework and other activities. It’s on the second floor between the game room and media room, however Dad’s office is off of this area where he can keep an eye on activities.
Since children are going to be using this desk there was a safety concern regarding the free floating aspect of the desk and it being used to sit on, stand on and whatever else a child as they grow into their teenage years can think of. To address this steel brackets where used to provide approximately 2000 lbs of load capacity for each side of the free floating desk area.
The cabinet drawers are made of 3/4″ plywood and poplar. The drawers are 1/2″ plywood sides with fully rabbeted in bottoms and full extension 100 lb ball bearing drawer slides. The desk top is a plastic laminate which is economical and provides very good durabilty